The difference between shyness and social phobia

When it comes to shyness and social phobia, there are definitely some key differences between the two. For one, shyness is generally considered to be more of a temporary condition that can be worked through, while social phobia is considered to be a more chronic and severe condition. Additionally, people who are shy generally still want to be around other people and interact with them, even if they are nervous about doing so, whereas people with social phobia often go to great lengths to avoid any and all social situations.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the key differences between shyness and social phobia:


-Can be temporary or chronic, but is generally more temporary
-Nervousness or anxiety in social situations, but still desires to interact with others
-May avoid some social situations, but not all
-Symptoms generally improve with time and/or exposure to the feared situation

Social Phobia:

-Chronic and severe condition
-Extreme anxiety or fear in social situations
-Avoids all or most social situations
-Symptoms may persist for years and can significantly interfere with daily life

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