Panic Attack Groups

Panic attacks are extremely frightening. Joining panic attack groups will be very beneficial on your road to recovery. If you don’t have any group experience, joining an online panic group is a great initial step towards achieving your goals…

There are many groups that meet on their own, or, you could be asked to join group therapy by your doctor. Whatever the case, try to get involved in some form of group environment.

Online Groups

There are virtually hundreds of online groups you could join. This is a great stepping stone for you if panic attacks has become a major issue in your life.

For those who are shy or who may have social phobia as well, an online group is a great way to slowly work your way towards face-to-face group therapy.

It’s good because you have the security of a ‘wall’ (the computer) in front of you. No one knows who you are, no one can see you. But do participate eventually. This will only be for your benefit.

Eventually, (once you’re comfortable), you should work slowly at coming out from behind this wall. Your goal is to eventually get involved in group therapy.

A Group Setting Is Better Than An Online Group

If your doctor suggests joining a panic attack group, go for it and just say YES! Not only is it a better way of treatment, but a lot of the time, there may be a waiting period. So, “just do it”, like the Nike slogan.

You will be able to learn more about panic attacks. You will be able to learn various skills you can apply, to help you in anxious moments. You’ll learn to gradually expose yourself to feared situations.

Even though you may initially be uncomfortable or nervous in a group setting, just remember that everyone is in the same boat. Remember to stay focused on the big picture – you’re doing this for you, so try to learn as much as you can.

Eventually, the group becomes closer. Others offer moral support and you’ll find that you too will offer it. You can learn from others and you might be surprised that others will learn from you too!

Here are some resources which you can look into:

Don’t pass the opportunity of joining panic attack groups. It’s a great way to make an improvement. That’s what you really want, so please make the best of it and you’ll be well on your way!

Giri Anantha was born in Singapore and moved to Canada in 1988. He has extensive knowledge on panic attacks and agoraphobia. His website’s URL is

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