Social Anxiety/Phobia Support – Shyness or Social Anxiety… Do You Really Know For Sure? Updated!

Are you suffering from shyness? Or could it be something more? Some people who think they are just shy are really suffering from social anxiety. Social Anxiety is often misdiagnosed as simple shyness.

Ask yourself the following questions:

*Do you worry for days, weeks, months about an event you have to attend?

*Do you immediately start coming up with excuses not to attend an event?

*Do you have an extreme fear of being judged by others?

*Do you have extreme fear of talking to strangers?

*Do you find it almost impossible to use the phone?

*Do you panic when someone knocks on your door?

*Do you avoid going to the store?

*Are you extremely afraid of looking, doing, or saying something in social situations?

If you answered YES to any of these, you may be suffering from SOCIAL ANXIETY. Social Anxiety is a form of shyness taken to the extreme. If you are shy, you may blush when meeting someone new. If you have social anxiety, you may also blush, but you may also feel nauseous, light-headed, you may tremble, your heart may race, and you may want to run for the nearest exit & Yes, it is a severe form of shyness.

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