Social Anxiety/Phobia Support – Depression, Social Anxiety and Therapy?

Depression, Social Anxiety and Therapy?

Written by beckyloubyrne


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

deal with it!

She’s given me a few websites to check out, and thinks that CBT might be helpful to help me change the way I think about things. Excellent – I’ve always wanted to ride motorbikes:p

I’ve had a quick glance at these websites, and some of the things they are talking about ring scarily true. I blush very easily… even the thought of having to talk makes me blush. Or is it called ‘flushing’ nowadays? And don’t even mention the nervous sweating!

In it’s simplest terms social anxiety or ‘SA’ is a fear of people: of being around, having to interact with, being watched, criticized or judged negatively by, other human beings.

hmmmm… yep

There are two forms of SA, performance social anxiety where these feelings only occur in a few specific situations such as public speaking, eating in public or dealing with authority figures, and generalized social anxiety which affects most, if not all areas of the sufferers life. The latter is the most common type, affecting around 70% of SA sufferers.

OMG! I can relate to both! I always thought that my fear of eating in public was just me being weird!

So, basically, I’ve got to change the way I think about things… start thinking positively about myself… and not give a damn about what people think. Great. Thank god for Citalopram. Let’s give it a go then 🙂

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