Social Anxiety/Phobia Support – ANT's and NAT's

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Tuesday, 31 October 2006

ANTs/NATS are  “negative automatic thoughts†that those of us with anxiety problems have.  We need to work very specifically and persistently to rid ourselves of these—  The following is an “off the wall†parable from the Internet about ANTs.

Annually ANTs gather from far and wide to assemble at the ANTs Conference to brag about how much bigger and bolder they’ve grown since last year, and how they have increased panic attacks, anxiety levels, and social phobia amongst us.  They discuss new methods and strategies to pull us down, tear away our self esteem and increase feelings of helplessness.  But there’s some unease in the ANTs world.

Let’s listen to a conversation:

Young ANT 1:  “Hey, I’ve got another person convinced that he’s no good, and that he’s got no control over his own life.  I’ve even got him scared to go out in public!â€

Young ANT 2: “Ha!  Another one of our victims trapped!  I love it!  What shall we give him?  Panic attacks?  Social anxiety?  Depression?  Obsessive thoughts?  Agoraphobia? or maybe all of the aboveâ€

Young ANT 1:  “As long as he keeps believing us and giving in to us, we can give him as many problems as he’ll take.  Two problems are better than one, I always say.â€

Young ANT 2:  “Wow.  This is great!  Maybe I’ll win that award next year.  I need to keep practicing my negative and irrational thinking and learn how to pass it on to others.  Practice makes perfect, they say!â€

Young ANT 1 (snorting in pleasure)  “But our victims never learn that practicing is important to change thoughts, do they?  They start out practicing and being persistent, but they always quit before they really get any better.  Then, we’ve got them trapped.  One more defeat makes them feel totally worthless and helpless and they give up!â€

The young ANTs chortle in evil glee.

Just then an older and wiser ANT enters the picture and overhears the conversation between these two young immature ANTs.

Older and wiser ANT 3: “Stop your incessant bragging!  Don’t you know that we derive our very existence from the lies we tell people that they believe?  Every time you push too far, there’s a chance they’ll get wise and then we will lose control.  If the person ever fully realizes what we’re doing to him, we’re the ones who aren’t going to have any power left.â€

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