Social Anxiety/Phobia Support – A Personal Story

Written by Anonymous


Thursday, 01 August 2002

I have always stammered. This was something I was deeply ashamed of. At school I was picked on to read out in front of the class, and made fun of. Thankfully as I progressed through school the teachers became more humane and made less of this. However, I never recovered from the initial humiliation I was put through. I suppose I became more popular, but conversely was increasing unable to do things for myself without feeling overwhelming anxiety. To shop, get a haircut, pay bills, and meet basic financial needs became very difficult.

Marriage saved me for a while, because my wife became my enabler, and did all these things for me. But as time went on and responsibilities became greater, this became harder for me to deal with. I responded by retreating so far into myself that for periods of time I ceased to function completely. Eventually these episodes occurred closer and closer together. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I had four years of counselling before I found out about the treatment available for Social Phobia at the Anxiety Disorders Unit.

My life has more potential now.

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